Ji Chang-wook, Kim So-hyun-dubbed 'Your Name' panned
Jul 6, 2017
Ji Chang-wook (left) and Kim So-hyun (Glorious Entertainment/Sidus HQ)

Ji Chang-wook and Kim So-hyun released Wednesday a teaser for Japanese animated film “Your Name,” for which they've dubbed over for the Korean release.

The rom-com animation directed by Shinkai Makoto centers on a high school boy in Tokyo and high school girl in a rural town who get their bodies swapped and fall in love. Ji voiced city boy Taki, while Kim lent her voice talents to country girl Mitsuha.

The fantasy film, released here in January, was a record-breaking hit for a Japanese film, as it topped local box offices two weeks in a row.

The released teaser video of the dubbed version, however, evoked less-than-enthusiastic responses.

Some fans suggested the actors were not suitable for voice acting and their voices did not fit well with the characters.

One commenter sarcastically noted, “The acting was so natural that I thought it is the story of Ji Chang-wook and Kim So-hyun, not Taki and Mitsuha.”

Other fans were more diplomatic, with commenter aadlkjvgt37 saying online, “Both of you are good at acting and I like you both but it seems the dubbing roles didn't fit you well. Don't get hurt.”

The Korean-dubbed version of “Your Name” is set to release in local theaters on July 13.

Source:The Korea Herald

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