VIXX bring out their inner models and show love for fans in 'NYLON'
Jul 7, 2017
The boys of VIXX brought out their inner models for 'NYLON' magazine!

They took on a youthful vibe concept in trendy casual attire, such as a striped shirt with sandals or a beige colored sweater with slacks.

In an interview, member N commented, ""This moment right now is what we can call our happiest and youthful moment." Ravi said, "As a VIXX member, the hottest and most shining moment is when we interact with fans." Leo added, "We hope that fans will remember us after a long time while listening to our music."

Wrapping up promotions for their 4th mini album 'Shangri-La', VIXX are looking to greet fans on their tour overseas beginning this month.


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