Sulli And Non-Celebrity Boyfriend Part Ways After 4 Months
Jul 10, 2017
Sulli and brand director Kim Min-joon have broken up after four months of dating.

On July 10, Kim Min-joon announced their breakup on his private social media channel. He wrote, “Since the beginning of our relationship was revealed to everyone in a situation without our say, I am writing this because I think I should also reveal the end. Choi Jin-ri and I have decided to go our separate ways.”

He explained, “We got to know each other as man and woman, and we began to notice differences and accepted them. It was a normal relationship, and it was only between the two of us. There are no special incidents or background stories to be curious about. The entire process was my choice, and I will take responsibility for what really happened, but please do not make up stories that aren't true.”

Sulli and Kim Min-joon were confirmed to be in a relationship in May after dating for two months.


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