Kongjuk 콩죽 (Bean porridge)
Jul 21, 2017
Are you interested in cooking something light, healthy, gorgeous and delicious? Then this is the recipe I recommend! It will be a perfect for brunch on a weekend.

It's bean porridge, called kongjuk (콩죽) in Korean. Porridge (juk) is loved by Koreans for its soft texture, lightness, nutrition, and its ease of digestion. Today's recipe is bean porridge made with dried split green peas. You can make kongjuk with pretty much any kind of beans, even fresh beans, although the cooking time will vary depending on the size of the beans and how hard they are. No matter what type of beans you use, the key is to cook them enough so they can be easily mashed. I used dried split green peas in this recipe because they are delicious, make a beautifully green porridge, and are available almost everywhere pretty cheaply.

A 1 pound bag of dried split green peas will make a little more than 5 cups of peas when soaked. Usually 1 cup of beans makes 1 serving, so you can make 5 bowls of nice porridge with one pound of beans. That's good, nutritious, delicious value! And then freeze any soaked beans you don't use this time to make more juk later. I also found out that frozen soaked beans are faster to tenderize than nonfrozen.

The traditional way to make kongjuk is to make it with beans and rice together into a thick porridge. My recipe is a variation on the traditional, I make porridge with split peas and a jujube rice cake garnish. As I said in the video, make kongjuk with your family and friends and let's have a bean porridge party! : )

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