Apple Turns to LG for iPhone 9 Batteries
Jul 22, 2017
Apple has chosen LG Chem to supply batteries for the iPhone 9 set to be unveiled in 2018, it emerged on Thursday.

Apple wants to use LG's proprietary L-shaped batteries, but it remains to be seen whether the Korean firm will be the sole supplier. Apple has so far bought batteries from a range of sources including LG Chem, Samsung SDI, China's ATL and Japan's Murata.

LG Chem declined to comment, but industry insiders believe the chances are that it will become the sole supplier since rivals continue to manufacture bar-type batteries.

LG developed an L-shaped and even a doughnut-shaped battery in 2015. These free-form batteries appeared difficult to mass-produce at the time, but LG seems to have ironed out the glitches sufficiently to get the green light from Apple.

L-shaped batteries give smartphone designers more leeway in designing the internals, and reshaping the battery allows manufacturers to maximize power storage capabilities. Free-form batteries have been found to be safer than bar-type ones.

An industry insider said, "So far each iPhone has enjoyed sales of more than 100 million, so LG Chem could see its battery sales increase by trillions of won."

Source:The Chosun Ilbo

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