Kim So-hyun Talks About Filming Kiss Scene With Yoo Seung-ho For “Ruler: Master of the Mask”
Jul 24, 2017
Following the end of the hit drama, “Ruler: Master of the Mask,” actress Kim So-hyun sat down for an interview and talked about what it was like working with her co-stars and even opened up about the kiss scene she shared with Yoo Seung-ho.

First, she commented on her co-stars L and Yoo Seung-ho and said, “Both of them are very nice and pure. It was clear that they were very caring and respectful towards one another while filming. L is very hard working and ambitious. He is really good at reading other people and matching his acting to theirs. He has great attention to detail.”

Kim So-hyun then talked about Yoo Seung-ho and said, “There was one scene where Yoo Seung-ho and I had to ride a horse. Sometimes, these horses are hard to control and it can be really scary to be around them because it's hard to predict their actions. While I was riding the horse with Yoo Seung-ho, the horse started to get a little out of control. We were both scared, but he urged me to sit on the safer side and tried to make the entire experience more safe for me. I was really grateful towards him.”

Finally, Kim So-hayun talked about the kiss scene she shot with Yoo Seung-ho. At first, she seemed very embarrassed and revealed, “We didn't have to shoot the scenes many times, but it was a bit awkward. Whenever there is a romantic scene, the production staff would always make fun of me in a joking way. They are all very silly. I was really embarrassed on the inside but pretended like it didn't matter and tried to focus on the filming.”


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