Hilarious parody of IU's 'Palette' becomes online hit
Jul 24, 2017
(Screen captured from YouTube)

A parody music video of K-pop singer IU's “Palette,” made by YouTuber Devils TV, is enjoying great popularity online.

Titled “Bbaleter,” which means “laundry place” in Korean, the video tells the story of a 25-year-old man who likes to do laundry.

“I like it. I'm 25. Now I'm old enough to do housework,” the man sings.

Since it was uploaded on July 13, the video has drawn more than 440,000 views. The video has also garnered another 220,000 views on Facebook.

“This is so well-made. The lyrics of the rap part is a bit sad, even. It appealed to my emotions,” YouTube user Choi Soo-ah commented.

“I hope this person gets to star in a fabric conditioner commercial,” another user Sophia Yoon wrote.

Source:The Korea Herald

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