Headline News (July 26)
Jul 26, 2017
-- Moon: Prosecutors with dark connection to politicians should be held responsible (Kyunghyang Shinmun)
-- Moon instructs Cabinet ministries to restrain from appealing against court decisions (Kookmin Daily)
-- Unprecedented economic experiment: growth through sharing (Donga Ilbo)
-- Making a shift to people-centric economy (Seoul Shinmun)
-- Grand shift of economic paradigm: pursuing growth by increasing income, employment (Segye Times)
-- Unprecedented economic experiment: growth through sharing (Chosun Ilbo)
-- Why do parliament, gov't exist if Commission on Shin Kori determines fate of nuke reactors? (JoongAng Ilbo)
-- Gov't to give tax benefits when large conglomerates share profits with subcontractors (Hankyoreh)
-- Gov't aims to address low growth, polarization of wealth (Hankook Ilbo)
-- Gov't aims for 3 pct growth (Maeil Business Newspaper)
-- Gov't to provide tax incentives to all companies creating new jobs (Korea Economic Daily)

English-language dailies
-- Moon tries for a new paradigm on the economy (Korea JoongAng Daily)
-- Korea lifts growth forecast to 3 pct (Korea Herald)
-- Boosting households' income top priority (Korea Times)

Source:Yonhap News

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