SM Entertainment Teams Up With Hyundai Motors To Create New Moving Studio
Jul 26, 2017
SM Entertainment has revealed the product of its collaboration with Hyundai Motors – the Solati Moving Studio.

The project, which was revealed on July 25, is a collaboration between a major entertainment company and a major automobile company. It is a long-term project with the vision of “improving people's quality of life through creation and revolution.”

The Solati Moving Studio is a specialized automobile in which it is possible to film broadcasts while on the road. It works as a safe broadcast station and contains high-quality camera, sound, and lighting systems. It also has a seat for the staff members as well as equipment for editing so that it is possible to do quality filming and editing inside the automobile.

SM Entertainment is slated to release digital content of their artists in the Solati Moving Studio starting in August.

Photos:SM Entertainment

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