Actress Lee Jung-hyun Reveals She Knew About Song-Song Couple's Engagement Before News Broke Out
Jul 26, 2017
Singer-turned-actress Lee Jung-hyun recently commented on how she already knew about Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo's engagement!

On July 25, the actress sat down for an interview, where she talked about Song Joong-ki, her co-star for the film, “The Battleship Island.”

During the interview, she revealed that she knew about Song Joong-ki's marriage plans to Song Hye-kyo, saying, “The truth is, I actually knew about the news beforehand.”

(CJ Entertainment)

She added, “I knew about it before Song Joong-ki revealed the news. And while it's true that I knew about it beforehand, I couldn't let anyone find out that I knew.”

Lee Jung-hyun continued, saying, “When I met him a while ago, I told him that I could sing the congratulatory song [for their wedding], but he declined. I prepared to do the congratulatory song with [my songs] 'Come' and 'Change,' but he adamantly stopped me and told me that Ok Joo-hyun was going to do it. He told me I could visit their home in the future after their marriage and congratulate them.”


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