Nam Ji-hyun Opens Up About “Suspicious Partner” Ending, Her Ideal Type, And More In New Pictorial
Jul 29, 2017
Nam Ji-hyun opened up about her latest drama, love, and her personality in a pictorial with The Star.

After an ethereal photo shoot, Nam Ji-hyun sat down to talk about her recently-ended SBS drama, “Suspicious Partner.” On how she felt about the production coming to an end, she said, “I still can't believe it's over. I don't think it will sink in until the follow-up drama starts [Editor's Note: Interview took place before “Into the New World” began airing]. I feel a little dazed and confused.”

When asked if her “Suspicious Partner” character's love interest Noh Ji-wook (played by Ji Chang-wook) is close to her ideal type, Nam Ji-hyun replied, “I think he is. But because he's a drama character, he doesn't feel real, more like a character in a dream. I think he's a guy that no woman would dislike.” Continuing the topic of love, Nam Ji-hyun opened up about what kind of relationship she'd want to be in and said, “I want to date someone who would be my closest friend, someone I can lean on and someone I can support in return.”

She also expressed an infinite love and passion for acting when she was asked if she'd ever thought about doing anything else. Nam Ji-hyun said, “Acting is something I don't want to give up. Even if I went looking for something new, I don't think anything could give me as much joy and a sense of responsibility than acting.”

On what her personality is like, Nam Ji-hyun replied, “I have a lot of curiosity, so I like to do a lot of research into things. For any given topic, I'll try to approach it in a variety of ways. My friends joke that I'm always observing people every day.”


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