Yeolmu Kimchi (Young Summer Radish Kimchi)
Jul 31, 2017
You already know a Korean table (bapsang, 밥상) isn't complete without a kimchi. In summer, that kimchi is most likely this yeolmu kimchi (열무 김치) both at home and restaurants. Yeolmu is young summer radish greens. It's a variety of white radishes with tender, long greens and a thin, small root. It's not the top leafy part of mature white radishes or chonggak mu (young radish), which is much tougher.

Very commonly, young napa cabbage, called putbaechu (풋배추) or eolgari (얼가리), is also added to yeolmu kimchi, giving a different texture and flavor. I like the ratio of the radish greens to young cabbage to be 2:1. You can use only the radish greens without the young cabbage. For this recipe to work, use more radish greens in equal amount of the cabbages you're omitting.

This recipe also works with putbaechu without any yeolmu, but then the kimchi is called putbaechu (or eolgari) kimchi, not yeolmu kimchi.

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Source:Korean Bapsang

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