Won Bin and Lee Na-young's marriage location turns into a hot tourist spot with a photo zone
Aug 3, 2017
Top star couple Won Bin and Lee Na-young have turned a random field in Korea into a hot tourist spot.

Back in 2015, Won Bin and Lee Na-young held a very small and romantic wedding in the countryside of Gangwon-do, which is also Won Bin's hometown.

Small weddings have become extremely popular ever since and now the location where Won Bin and Lee Na-young held their wedding has turned into a tourist spot.

If you're in town you will encounter a sign that reads, 'Wedding Hall of Won Bin ♥ Lee Na-young 300 meters to the left'.

There's also a photo zone.

Netizens are giving varying reactions. Some find the idea extremely humorous and commented, "This is too funny", while some raised eyebrows, commenting, "This is just too much."

Would you be willing to visit the 'Wedding Hall of Won Bin ♥ Lee Na-young'?


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