'1st Look' magazine teases Ji Chang-wook's last pictorial before his military
Aug 4, 2017
Fashion magazine '1st Look' recently shared a new cover image featuring actor Ji Chang-wook for their upcoming September issue!

The actor can be seen dressed in classic denim apparel while presenting a bright smile. The caption read, "'1st Look's' 141st issue featuring Ji Chang-wook's cover story. Stay tuned for more photos coming September 7."

A video footage was also showed Ji Chang-wook posing with Fossil's newest smart watch.

Meanwhile, he will be heading off to the army on August 14.

파슬 스마트워치 커스터마이징 다이얼, 활동량 측정부터 모바일 기기와의 연동 등 웨어러블 디바이스 역할은 물론 디자인도 놓치지 않았어요. 파슬 스마트워치 아시아 모델에 선정된 배우 지창욱이스마트워치를 다루는 방법, 어떤 것들이 있는지 함께 볼까요 #퍼스트룩 #지창욱 #파슬 #파슬코리아 #jichangwook #fossil #fossilsmartwatch #fossilkorea #1stlook @jichangwook
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