Black Pink's Lisa shows off her dancing skills on 'Knowing Brothers'
Aug 6, 2017
On the August 5 episode of JTBC's 'Knowing Brothers', Black Pink made their appearance as the guests in which Lisa showed off her amazing dancing skills.

In the clip above, Jennie mentioned that she thinks Lisa is the best at dancing which resulted in Lisa to show the cast of the show some of her dance moves. She easily captivated the cast of the show by dancing to the slow R&B/pop jam. Afterward, Lisa also presented a dance genre that is popular in Thailand right now. With her funny style and acting skills, she made the entire studio burst out into laughter.

In addition, the group performed all their past hits for the show but also their most recent track "As If It's Your Last" that wowed the cast of 'Knowing Brothers'. Check out the clips above and below!

Did you catch Black Pink on this week's episode of 'Knowing Brothers'?


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