Jin as a farmer? BTS discusses alternate jobs
Aug 8, 2017
BTS (Big Hit Entertainment)

As part of its ongoing Fan Army Face-off, Billboard magazine recently relayed the fan questions to BTS members.

One question was: What would you be doing if you were not a singer?

“I'm certain. I would've been a songwriter,” said member Suga.

“It's a bit confusing for me. I've farmed in middle school, though” said Jin. “My uncle keeps trying to convince to (to be a farmer).”

V once said that he would be a farmer if he wasn't singer, but soon changed his mind after trying many different hobbies after the group's debut. “I would've been a photographer.”

J-Hope said he probably would've become a dancer, while Jungkook said he would have become an athlete.

Rap Monster said he would have prepared to become an office worker.

The members also addressed other questions like what they admired most about each other and whether they always check the fans' comments.

“I always admire J-Hope's positive energy in him. And he's so professional. I like the 'YOLO' side of him,” said Rap Monster on his bandmate.

They added that they also “read comments whenever we post something on SNS.”

Source:The Korea Herald

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