Park Bo-gum Gets Covered In Flour For “Firefighters GO Challenge”
Aug 10, 2017
Park Bo-gum's agency Blossom Entertainment posted a video on their Facebook page of the actor doing the “Firefighters GO Challenge.”

In the video, Park Bo-gum holds up a toy fire truck and says he was chosen by actress Kim Hye-soo to carry on the challenge.

He talks about his hopes for better working conditions and treatment of firefighters, thanks them for their service, and gets flour poured onto him from above. The flour is supposed to signify the baking soda that is an ingredient in fire extinguishers.

The “Firefighters GO challenge” is a relay campaign where one person posts a video to support the cause and chooses others to carry on the challenge to spread awareness, much like the ice bucket challenge from a few years ago.

Besides Park Bo-gum, celebrities such as actors Jung Woo-sung, Ryu Jun-yeol, and actress Han Ji-min have joined countless others in using their platform to bring awareness to Korea's firefighters.

Watch the video!


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