Hyoyeon thanks EXO for being the only junior group that came to greet Girls' Generation
Aug 11, 2017
Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon thanked EXO for their mannerly act.

Hyoyeon recently shared a short video via her Instagram story. The clip shows her and Seohyun holding up EXO's 'The War' album while the caption reads, "Thankful for the hoobaenims (junior group) who were the only ones that came to greet us."

The story was posted shortly after Girls' Generation's comeback stage on 'M Countdown' earlier today.

Girls' Generation's comeback stages:

In reaction to Hyoyeon's post, many netizens are wondering, "Hmm, what were the other hoobaes doing?"

When Girls' Generation were rookies they made sure to visit every locker room and greet all the artists, especially their sunbaes.


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