Cheers! Makgeolli-flavored coffee to hit shelves
Aug 11, 2017

Imagine drinking Americano with Makgeolli, a traditional Korean rice-based alcoholic beverage. What does it taste like?

If you wonder, try “Makgeollicano,” a new beverage produced by Kooksoondang Brewery. The company said Friday the product will hit stores on Monday. The beverage is based on ground, uncooked rice brewed for seven days with roasted coffee beans. Its alcohol content is 4 percent.

The brewery developed Makgeollicano after learning that the desire of people in their 20-30s for Makgeolli continues to increase. The age group is the biggest coffee consumer here.

“It would be experimental, but worth a try,” a Kooksoondang official said.

A 350ml can of Makgeollicano costs 1,500 won. The drink will be available at CU convenience stores.

Source:The Korea Times

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