Girls' Generation to end 'Holiday Night' promotions this week
Aug 12, 2017
It's only been a week but Girls' Generation is already wrapping up their promotions for 'Holiday Night'.

On August 11, SM Entertainment made an announcement about Girls' Generation's recording for this week's SBS 'Inkigayo', and also revealed, "Unfortunately, they will be concluding their short promotions with 'Inkigayo' being the last performance."

The long-running girl group celebrated their 10th debut anniversary with the 6th full album 'Holiday Night' including two title tracks ''All Night'' and ''Holiday''.

Many fans are expressing disappointment at the short promotion period, commenting, ''Too fast TT", "Just 1 week of performances?", "WHAT?? Why??"

Some fans are speculating that the promotions are being cut short due to Yuri's ankle injury that requires surgery.

Girls' Generation's last performance with 'Holiday Night' will be this Sunday, August 13 KST on 'Inkigayo'.


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