Ji Chang-wook To Quietly Enlist For Mandatory Military Duty
Aug 12, 2017
“Suspicious Partner” actor Ji Chang-wook has decided to quietly enlist to start his mandatory military service.

On August 12, Ji Chang-wook's agency stated that the actor will enlist on August 14 at the Gangwon Province Training Center without any special event or ceremony to mark his upcoming two-year hiatus.

The agency revealed that the decision was made according to the actor's wishes. They commented, “There will not be any official events on the day of enlistment. Gathering reporters and fans to say goodbye does not fit Ji Chang-wook's personality.”

With two days left until he enters the army, Ji Chang-wook is spending quality time with his friends and family and said, “I will do my best to fulfill my duties as a citizen of Korea.”

Will you miss Ji Chang-wook during his hiatus?


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