Kkaennip-jeon 깻잎전 (Pan-fried perilla leaves with fillings)
Aug 16, 2017
Today's recipe, Kkaennip-jeon (pan-fried perilla leaves with fillings), is a fast, fun, and light savory side dish. If you like perilla leaves (kkaennip: 깻잎), you will love this dish: the egg batter makes the lightly minty leaves a little crispy, and the juicy, savory, beef patty fillings go well with them too.

This recipe is a type of jeon, or pancake, of which there are many in Korean food. If you can't get perilla leaves, kale works well for this recipe. Just be sure to cut the leaves into something closer to kkaennip size, about 2½ to 3 inches long from the leafy end of the leaves.

Even if you love meat, you should only use a thin layer of beef in these jeon, otherwise they will be too thick and will take too long to cook. When it's thin, it cooks fast and the egg gets golden brown, never overcooked and burnt. They look gorgeous on the table!

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