Korea's 'Zero UI' becomes official global interpreter
Aug 24, 2017
Participants in the International Organization for Standardization's Paris conference demonstrate the “Zero UI automatic translator” on July 28. / Yonhap

Newly developed Korean automatic translation technology has become the global standard after an international authority acknowledged its innovativeness in allowing users to interact seamlessly without having to look at smartphone screens.

The “Zero UI automatic interpreter” by the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) was demonstrated at the Paris conference of the International Organization for Standardization on July 28. It received final approval on Tuesday.

Zero UI's biggest advantage is that users don't have to look at their smartphones during conversations to check the interpreted message. The technology uses Bluetooth headsets that allow users to leave their smartphones in their pockets.

When the user speaks into the headset, their voice is transferred to their smartphone and then relayed to the other person's phone, which delivers the translation to their headset.

With conventional methods, users have to show the translated message on the smartphone screen to their conversation partners. The new device's name derives from the fact a user interface (UI), or screen, is no longer needed.

ETRI's Kim Sang-hoon, who led work on the device, said Zero UI will be tested in the field at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in February.

“It will evolve interpreting technologies from smartphone touch-based automatic interpretation to zero UI automatic interpretation,” Kim said.

Source:The Korea Times

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