August Movie Actor Brand Reputation Rankings
Aug 27, 2017
On August 27, the Korean Business Research Institute announced the August brand reputation rankings for movie actors.

The results are based on the analysis of interaction, media coverage, communication, and community indexes for 165,104,765 pieces of big data on 50 actors from July 25 to August 26. This is a 16.53% rise from the 139,284,258 pieces of big data for the July ranking.

Park Seo-joon took first with a total brand reputation score of 9,716,059. Song Kang-ho placed second with a score of 8,815,009, and Jang Dong-gun followed closely behind with a score of 8,174,818.

All three actors star in popular movies that are currently in Korean theaters, with Park Seo-joon in “Midnight Runners,” Song Kang-ho in “Taxi Driver,” and Jang Dong-gun in “V.I.P.”

Check out the top 25 of the ranking below:

1. Park Seo-joon
2. Song Kang-ho
3. Jang Dong-gun
4. Song Joong-ki
5. Kang Ha-neul
6. Gong Yoo
7. Ryu Jun-yeol
8. Kim Myung-min
9. Han Ji-min
10. Lee Jong-suk
11. Lee Jung-hyun
12. Kim Nam-gil
13. Yoo Hae-jin
14. Park Hee-soon
15. Lee Byung-hun
16. Hwang Jung-min
17. So Ji-sub
18. Jun Ji-hyun
19. Kim Soo-hyun
2. Lee Jung-jae
21. Kim Yun-seok
22. Go Soo
23. Han Hyo-joo
24. Yeo Jin-goo
25. Im Si-wan


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