(While You Sleep) Suzy And Lee Jong-suk Star In Beautiful And Dramatic Teaser
Sep 7, 2017
SBS's much-anticipated drama “While You Sleep” has released a first teaser video that's bound to raise excitement even more!

Actors Lee Jong-suk and Suzy star in this new drama about a woman who sees visions of accidents about to happen in the future, and a man who tries to stop her premonitions from becoming reality. Suzy plays the role of Nam Hong-joo, the woman who can see the future, while Lee Jong-suk plays prosecutor Jung Jae-chan.

The newly released teaser reveals glimpses of some of the show's goosebump-inducing scenes and the relationship between the two main characters.

“While You Sleep” is a Wednesday-Thursday drama that is due to premiere on September 27.


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