Highlight's fandom Light amaze everyone at the 'Incheon K-Pop Concert 2017'
Sep 10, 2017
Highlight's fandom Light's impressed many with their positive actions and loud cheers at the 'Incheon K-Pop Concert 2017'.

It has recently revealed that during the big concert, Light has gained much attention for their strong support for Highlight.

However, this is not the biggest reason as to why Light has garnered so much attention. The biggest factor had to do with their actions of supporting other K-Pop groups by actually changing their own light-stick colors to match other fandom official colors. They changed to red in order to support Red Velvet, green to support B.A.P, and navy blue for VIXX.

Upon learning of their actions, B.A.P's Himchan personally took to Twitter to say thank you. His tweet reads, "It was a really fun day today. We were happy to see all the fans, we love you BABYs. Also, we heard about it and thank you Light."

Himchan ✔ @BAP_Himchan
오늘 하루 정말 즐거운 하루였어요 많이 볼 수 있어서 행복했습니다 사랑합니다 베이비❣️ 그리고 들었는데 라이트분들 감사합니다
8:28 PM - Sep 9, 2017
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In addition to Himchan, netizens and fans alike took to social media to show their gratitude and complimented the fandom. Some of the comments/tweets read, "If you're going to become part of a fandom, do it like Light...I got goosebumps at the concert, respect", "Everyone, Highlight's fans section is unreal. It's so crazy that other fandoms are actually taking pictures of them", "Light, you actually changed your light-stick colors to match their official color while Red Velvet is performing?...Is this real?", "I think both the artist and the fans grew and matured a lot over time as they went through many struggles. I saw it live and it was the best. They cleaned up after themselves too. You guys were amazing", "Fans are pros too", and much more.

Check out the posts and pictures below!


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