Kim Jong-kook and HaHa talk about their new variety program 'Big Picture' with fans
Sep 14, 2017
On September 13, Kim Jong-kook and HaHa interacted with fans to discuss their new reality program, 'Big Picture' on Naver's 'V Live'!

Both Kim Jong-kook and HaHa held a mukbang and nupbang (eating & sleeping broadcast) as they got comfy with their pillows, blankets, and ate comfort foods. Hugging adorable stuffed animals, the two said, "They say only idols do nupbang. We're idols too."

"It seems rude to be lying around during a live stream. This doesn't really fit with us, it's not our style. We have neck and back pains," HaHa added.

The duo then talked about their new variety show 'Big Picture', a show in which both Kim Jong-kook and HaHa work together to become an ad agency and raise funds for the variety shows they want to produce.

"It's been two weeks since the program aired and many people seem to be interested in the series. We hope that many viewers will continue to help support the show," the two said, thanking fellow PD Yeo Woon-hyuk and SM founder Lee Soo-man.

Have you been keeping up with Kim Jong-kook and HaHa's 'Big Picture'?


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