iPhone X uses more parts made by Samsung, LG
Sep 14, 2017
Apple's dependence on Korean parts makers has further increased for the latest iPhone X, its first OLED display flagship model, with Samsung and LG becoming the key beneficiaries.

OLED display and 3-D camera are the two distinctive new features of the iPhone X and all related parts are made by Samsung Display and LG Innotek.

This is the first time that Samsung Display is supplying OLED panels for iPhone. LG Innoteck, which used to supply camera modules, is supplying the 3-D sensing module for the first time as well.

The two firms increased investments, including new production facilities, since last year in preparation for iPhone orders.

Samsung's parts unit Samsung Electro-Mechanics is also benefiting from increased Apple orders. The firm supplies multi-layer ceramic capacitors that help feeding electric power to chips, and rigid flexible printed circuit board that connects chips with each parts such as the display screen and camera.

The iPhone X with upgraded features uses 1,000 MLCCs, about 20 percent more than the previous models. Especially for the advanced MLCC, Samsung, along with Japan's Murata Manufacturing, is almost the sole producer.

Apple has also been diversifying suppliers for key parts such as RFPCB, adding Samsung for the first time to the existing two Korean producers -- BH and Interflex.

Samsung SDI and LG Chem supply batteries for all three new iPhone models -- iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone X uses two combined batteries to increase the battery capacity to 2,700mAh. For next year's model, Apple plans to adopt an L-shaped battery that should yield faster charging speed.

Source:The Investor

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