Top Places To Visit In Korea During The Fall Season
Sep 17, 2017
As we enter September, autumn is just around the corner! As people prepare to don their sweaters and drink their favorite warm drink, Korea holds many special things to do during this chilly season. Here are some of the top places to visit in Korea during the fall plus great food exclusive during this season!

1. Nami Island

Namiseom Island was created as a result of the Cheongpyeong Dam and holds the grave of General Nami, who led an army against rebels in the 13th year of the 7th king of the Joseon Dynasty. Nami Island was made popular by the Korean drama Winter Sonata and is home to beautiful chestnut and poplar trees that line the pathway, perfect to see fall foliage. Visitors can travel the island by bike, tandem. sky bike, electronic car tour, motorboat tour, or even try ziplining!

Directions: Take the subway to Gapyeong Station, then take the 'Gapyeong Tour Bus' to Nami Island Station, walk to the Gapyeong Wharf where you can zipline for 38,000 wons or take the ferry for 8,000 wons.

2. Garden of Morning Calm

The film location for various dramas like "Smile Again," "You're Beautiful," and "Love in the Moonlight," the Garden of Morning Calm (GMC) provides for a beautiful and peaceful garden walk accompanied with various crafting experiences available for its guests. The garden houses over 5,000 different plants including 300 natives to the Baekdusan Mountain. During autumn, the Garden of Morning Calm holds their annual Festival of Chrysanthemums and Autumnal Tints.

Directions: Take the subway to Sangbong Station and find Gyeongchun line, follow sings to Chuncheon (Chyeongpyeong is too small a station so there's no sign). Once you're at Gyeongchun line take the train to Chyeongpyeong , walk to the Chyeongpyeong bus terminal and take the bus towards GMC that should say '수목원' or '아침고요수목원.' GMC is the final stop of the bus so just relax and enjoy the trip until you reach Garden of Morning Calm!

3. Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village holds hundreds of traditional houses, called hanoks, that date back to the Joseon Dynasty. These hanoks holds several different activities for guests that include cultural centers, guesthouses, restaurants, tea houses, and other creative activities to allow an experience with traditional Korean culture.

Directions: Take the subway to Anguk Station and take exit 2. Walk straight until you reach bukchon-ro-8-gil and then you will turn left. Keep walking until you see the pharmacy where you will once again turn left and Bukchon Hanok Village will be right there!

4. Golden Buddha Hike in Bukhansan

If you're looking for a place for a good scenic hike, the Golden Temple of Bukhasan Mountain is the one for you! The hike to get to the Golden Buddha is about 45 minutes with 20 more minutes to reach the summit. The beautiful summit is a great place for a fall hike if you want to experience the fall foliage and peaceful atmosphere.

Directions: Take the subway to Gupabal station and leave at exit 2. Turn around and there will be two buses that you can take either #704 or #34 and get off the bus at National Park. Head left, make your first right and you will see a sign that says 'Bukhansan National Park.' Follow the sign for about 10 minutes or so and you will see a map, turn left and you will reach the fortress gate!

5. Buamdong

If you're looking for a nice quiet place to view the mountains, Buam Dong is the place to be. During fall, the walk around Buam Dong is definitely a sight to see where guests can view the scenery at the famous Sanmotungi. Just down the road is a part of the Baeksasil Valley where guests can visit the remains of a nobleman's house from the Joseon Era and a soothing creek. Besides that, Buamdong also has the Seoul Museum, Seokpajeong, Syngman Rhee Institute Walk, the Whanki Museum, and the Chaguimun Gate.

Directions: Get to Gyeongbokgung Station and take exit 3. You can take bus 1020, 7022, or 7211 where you will get off at Buam-Dong Community Service Center or Buam-Dong Office Bus Stop.

6. Gyeongbokgung Palace

The Gyeongbokgung Palace was built in 1395 and is located in the heart of Seoul. Its ancient buildings and scenic gardens contrast greatly from the modern Korea. During fall, visitors are surrounded by the beautiful range of autumn colors as they experience a bit of traditional Korea. Also fun fact, parts of the premise was destroyed by a fired during the Imjin War (Japanese Invasion). However, during the reign of King Gojong, those buildings were restored and remain relatively intact.

Directions: Take the subway to Gyeongbokgung Subway and exit at number 5. Walk 5 minutes and you'll reach the beautiful gates!

7. Namsan Tower

The Namsan Tower is arguably one of Korea's largest tourist spots that marks the second highest point in Seoul. After taking the Namsan Cable Cars up to the top of Mt. Namsan, visitors will see a tremendously beautiful view of the city. Besides holding the observatory and the Wishing Pond, Namsan Tower also houses Seoul's famous Locks of Loves for the sweethearts. During fall, Namsan proves to be a beautiful place to view the city's transition of the seasons.

Directions: Take the subway to Myeongdong Station where you will take exit 7 or 8. You can either wait for a free shuttle (Bus No 5 from exit 3) or make the trek up towards the cable car station.


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