Song Joong-ki reveals how he felt about reviews and box office performance of 'Battleship Island'
Sep 19, 2017
Actor Song Joong-ki graced the cover of 'Marie Claire' special edition.

The renown actor shared his views on attending the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) as well as having an honest talk in regards to the numerous reviews and box office performance of 'Battleship Island'.

Song Joong-ki responded, "I did feel a bit upset about the movie reviews and box office performance. However, I thought that was an opportunity for one to look back and reevaluate on his/her overall objective. We could have sent out the message to a wide audience in a proper way if we had executed the film better and be acknowledged for our actions as a result."

He added, "But after speaking to sunbaes, I felt convinced that preparing for 'Battleship Island' was a time to further grow and develop. On the other hand, I would like to enhance my filmography by taking on diverse projects and experience other cultural backgrounds as well if given the chance."


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