Top Fall Foods to Eat in Korea!
Sep 21, 2017
One of the many reasons so many fans love Korea besides their beautiful landmarks and remarkable culture is their famous foods. For Korea's four distinct seasons, there are different types of foods that are most desired. Here are a few things you should eat during autumn in Korea!

1. Blue Crab (꽃게)

Blue crab is mostly abundant during spring and autumn where the plump meat of the male crab is best. The crab can be prepared in various ways such as in soup like the picture above or steamed, shelled, or eaten plain. It really depends on your taste! Plus, crab shells contain calcium and chitin with essential amino acids and vitamins located in the meat. Delicious and beneficial for your health!

2. Gizzard Shad (전어)

Fall is the perfect season to enjoy this delicious fish as it contains plenty of flavor and healthy oils. Be sure to pick a fish that's over 15 cm to enjoy its full taste. This fish can be eaten in various ways such as raw with some seasoning of chili and garlic sauce or lightly salted and grilled.

3. Korean Chestnuts (군밤)

Chestnuts are a popular snack that can be sold by food vendors on the streets of Korea. Although very simple, this snack is very well appreciated as it is not too expensive, very tasty, and can be found at almost any street vendor during fall. Plus, it's roasted and warm to keep your hands cozy as you explore Korea's night life!

4. Pine Mushrooms (송이버섯)

This small yet flavorful mushroom is a rare find and is referred to as the diamonds in the forest because of their high nutritional value and efficacy. The pine mushroom is harvested in autumn and is known to help protect the stomach, prevent geriatric diseases, and prevent cancer! This mushroom can be cooked with other ingredients or simply sliced and grilled over a light fire.

5. Persimmons (감)

Persimmons are a delicacy that is both sweet and healthy, packed full of vitamin A, B, and C, as well as various other essential minerals. This fruit is effective for stopping diarrhea-related symptoms, is good for the skin, and helps for getting over a hangover. Persimmons can be eaten as is, frozen, shaved, in ice cream, or as a jam or salad!

6. Sujeonggwa (수정과)

Sujeonggwa is a Korean traditional cinnamon punch that is made from dried persimmons, cinnamon, ginger, and often garnished with pine nuts. This drink can be served cold or warm. Fun fact: Sujeonggwa is known to be prepared in the Goryeo era by palace women on New Years' Day!

7. Sweet Pumpkin Jook (죽)

Although porridge may not sound like a particularly amazing meal, Korea manages to turn something so simple into a delightful autumn meal. The most popular would be red bean or sweet pumpkin porridge!

8. Sweet Potatoes (밤고구마)

Another night market specialty! Roasted sweet potatoes are a popular snack to be consumed during the fall and winter seasons in Korea. Its warm and is the epitome of Korean comfort food.

9. Corn

Last but not least, the most famous food item to be part of any Korean dish; corn. From cheese corn to actual meals, corn is everywhere in Korea. Autumn is a great time to experience the sweet steamed corn also found at food vendors. Nothing wraps up a nice autumn Korean experience like eating steamed corn on a stick while exploring the beautiful culture of Korea.


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