BTS members dress up in hanbok and play traditional games for Chuseok
Oct 4, 2017
On October 3, BTS celebrated the Chuseok holidays by dressing up in hanbok and playing traditional games!

The members gathered together in colorful hanbok for the 22nd episode of 'Run BTS! 2017', beginning their agenda by making songpyeon, or half-moon rice cakes. Instead of filling them with the usual, sweet fillings, however, the boys chose odd combinations like choco-tuna, banana-horseradish, red pepper-mayonnaise, and more, to be eaten later as punishment.

Afterward, Jin, Jimin, SUGA, V, Rap Monster, j-hope, and Jungkook split into three teams as they took on various traditional games. The SUGA and V team scored the lowest after 4 rounds, which meant eating the spiced-up(?) rice cakes as punishment.

Lastly, BTS wished everyone a happy holidays with, "We hope that you will enjoy an abundant Chuseok with your family and loved ones."

Make sure to check out BTS's 'Run BTS! 2017' on 'V Live'!


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