(Because This Is My First Life) Jung So-min And Lee Min-ki Lock Lips In Behind-The-Scenes Video
Oct 11, 2017
tvN has released a behind-the-scenes video of the first kiss scene between Jung So-min and Lee Min-ki on “Because This Is My First Life.”

The clip first shows the actors filming the scene of Lee Min-ki watching something on his phone while wearing earphones and Jung So-min smacking his back multiple times in excitement. The scene ends with Lee Min-ki's stoic expression looking at Jung So-min who apologizes.

While rehearsing, Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min laugh and talk amongst themselves, and is also joined by the director who comments, “This is fun.”

Then, the clip shows the two actors standing at a bus stop and Jung So-min locking lips with Lee Min-ki at a bus stop. The two leads, who were awkward acquaintances in the previous scene, have progressed at LTE speed according to the caption.

After rehearsing the kiss scene, they kiss, monitor, kiss, and kiss some more. Lee Min-ki makes funny faces after so many kiss scenes to make his partner laugh, which was revealed to be more than 16 takes for this one kiss scene.

Watch the behind-the-scenes of the kiss scene below!


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