Jo Jung-suk, Hyeri, Hoya, and more attend 1st script reading for 'Two Cops'
Oct 12, 2017
The cast and staff of new MBC Mon-Tues drama 'Two Cops' came together for their 1st script reading!

The drama tells the story of swindler whose soul ends up in the body of a detective. It will star Jo Jung-suk, Girl's Day's Hyeri, Hoya, Lee Si-un, Choi Il-hwa, and more. Jo Jung-suk will be playing two roles - detective Cha Dong-tak and swindler Gong Su-chang. Hyeri will be playing the role of a reporter named Song Ji-ahn.

'Two Cops' is set to air after currently airing drama '20th Century Boy and Girl'. Do you like the sound of the story so far?


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