Kim Se-jeong-NCT Doyoung duo's waltz to be unveiled Friday
Oct 12, 2017
K-pop singers Kim Se-jeong and Doyoung are pairing up for a new track “Star Blossom” on S.M. Entertainment's weekly music project “SM Station.”

According to the agency Tuesday, “Star Blossom” is the 28th track to be introduced in the second season of SM station, under which a new single track was released every Friday since the last week of March.

Sejeong and Doyoung, lead vocalists of K-pop bands Gugudan and NCT, respectively, will create a beautiful harmony with their voices for the track. The agency said “Star Blossom” will be a waltz-style song featuring orchestral strings in a mashup with jazzy piano tunes. The track will be released at 6 p.m., Friday (Korean time) on music streaming platforms, including Melon and Naver Music.

Source:The Korea Herald

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