Yoon Kyun-sang And Jung Hye-sung Confirmed As Leads In New Drama
Oct 13, 2017
Actors Yoon Kyun-sang and Jung Hye-sung will be starring in SBS's upcoming drama “Doubtful Victory” (working title).

Yoon Kyun-sang will be playing the role of Oh Il-seung, a detective with excellent investigative skills. However, because his character is so simple and innocent, people wonder how he became a detective in the first place.

Jung Hye-sung will be playing a policewoman named Jin Jin-young. Her character is highly skilled, but due to her competitive nature and her tendency to not be a team player, she has trouble finding a partner. One day, however, she meets a rather dubious detective named Oh Il-seung.

Doubtful Victory” will be airing sometime in November after the drama “Degree of Love” comes to an end.


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